16 Creative Ways to Use Twitter for Business

Here are 16 ways to bring new life and renewed business purpose to your Twitter efforts. 1: Organize whom you follow with lists There are many people you need to follow on Twitter for business reasons such as customers, suppliers, neighboring businesses, peers and competitors. As the number of people you follow grows, so does the […]

Introducing Twitter Lite

Source: Introducing Twitter Lite Twitter Lite uses less data, loads faster on slower wireless connections and takes up less than a megabyte of memory on a device. The mobile web app loads up to 30 percent faster on a 3G device than the original mobile site, and Twitter claims it can save up to 70 […]

Step to the plate with @MLB on Twitter

While the @MLB season officially began on Sunday, Major League Baseball Opening Week is a reminder that fans around the world will turn to Twitter to follow their favorite teams and players and chatter about the news on and off the diamond in real time. But no matter where their allegiances lie, all fans can […]

How North Carolina’s #NationalChampionship victory played out on Twitter

As North Carolina (@UNC_Basketball) defeated Gonzaga (@ZagMBB) in the NCAA men’s college basketball championship, the real-time conversation amongst college hoops fans, analysts, writers, teams, athletes, celebs and more took place on Twitter. Let’s look at some of the best content and data from the final #MarchMadness game. Source: How North Carolina’s #NationalChampionship victory played out […]

The journey to the #FinalFour happened on Twitter

It’s down to the #FinalFour! College hoops fans, teams, players, and more have turned to Twitter to join the live conversation for yet another thrilling #MarchMadness tournament. As we head into this weekend’s #FinalFour, follow the action along with some of the best content featuring the four teams still standing. Source: The journey to the […]

Now on Twitter: 140 characters for your replies

Remember how we told you we were working on ways to let you to express more with 140 characters? Since then, we’ve introduced two updates, and today we’re rolling out another. Now, when you reply to someone or a group, those @usernames won’t count toward your Tweet’s 140 characters. With this change, we’ve simplified conversations […]