10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Businesses

As the number of Social Media platforms grows, companies are often confused and unsure of the correct way to market using these channels. Here are 10 tips that can help your business market itself using Social Media. 1. Use a Blog on Your Company’s Website Whether used for news and updates, sharing valuable knowledge or expressing […]

Creative Ideas To Post On Social Media For Business

The three most important things to keep in mind when posting content on social media are: What’s in it for my audience? Would I click on this? Is this relevant to my business? If you can check off these three things when reading a piece of content, then it’s worth sharing. But what kind of […]

What to Tweet: Twitter for Business

Create your Twitter Content Strategy Compelling content will help you attract new followers and keep them engaged over time. There’s no right or wrong number of times you should Tweet each day, or when. Instead, focus on creating a regular cadence of content that’s relevant to your target audience and authentic to your business. Need […]


Top Social Media Apps and Tools for 2017

Here are my limited list of social media apps that you could use for free and for your personal or business use. Organize Your Inbox A cluttered inbox means unfinished business, and a cluttered mind. Organize your inbox if you want to get ahead of your personal day to day business and these tools will […]

Realty Profile Tips : Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile

So many agents get tied up with social media marketing and trying to figure out how to do it correctly. There are a lot of “gurus” out there who will promise you all of the Unicorns in the Universe if you just follow their “marketing” systems for using social media. However, social media marketing is […]