– A Simple Multi-posting Tool to WordPress and Top Social Media Accounts and Pages

Miami, Florida - May, May 18, 2017 2017 - SocialSuite is a new, super simple way to post content to multiple WordPress sites, and social media accounts and pages. Schedule, add rss feed, publish all your social posts in one place.

May 12, 2017 unlike its other rivals bank on its simplicity and to its user friendliness. It allows you to  distribute content via rss feed to any of your social media or cms pages.


Affordable packages. Socialsuite has 5 affordable packages that you can choose. Unlike its top rivals, you can start immediately for 30 days for free.


Simplicity is key. Socialsuite does not have all the bells and whistles but it does it’s job. If you want a simple, to the point, and affordable multi-social and cms publishing tool, Socialsuite is for you.




SocialSuite is a core company created by Contrib. With over 17 years of building successful million dollar Internet ventures and clients such as Google, Disney, Webex, Microsoft and many high growth Internet companies, Contrib is seeking to become the industry leader for Virtual Business Systems.


Contrib was created out of necessity to build, manage and monetize thousands of premium Urls acquired over the 17 years for its parent company, GV, llc. Premium assets such as,, Linked and others were losing opportunity value. The initial technology of Contrib was created 5 years ago called RapidDomainBuilder and won several industry awards.


The company merged with Advertising legend John Ferber to form a new company Domain Holdings Group. DHG is now a 8 digit revenue company with venture investment of over $4 million and growing its technology position in the Real-Time Bidding space. GV, llc acquire the assets back from DHG and spent the last year rebuilding the code foundation and architecture of Contrib, the worlds first true url web development, management and monetization platform. Contrib today has over 90,000 targeted profiles with a 100+ daily sign ups within the first few months of beta launch.

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